Meet The Team

Meet the President Sten

Sten Sellier

Founder & President

Born in DC and raised in Northern Virginia, Sten went on to get an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. After graduation he moved to Southern California where, after a short stint in telecom, he worked for 8 years designing automated material handling systems. Sten began home-brewing in 2001 while he lived in California. It didn’t take long for him to realize he needed to find a way to quit his regular day job and make beer for a living. By 2011 he decided it was time to quit workin' for the man and go for it. Sten began searching for a brewery that would help him produce his recipes while he built his brand. To his dismay, he found none that were willing or able. That's when Sten decided there needed to be a brewery dedicated to helping start-up and growing breweries expand their operations. Sten founded Beltway Brewing Company in 2011 to be that brewery.

Meet Elizabeth

Marketing and Tasting Room Manager

Elizabeth Kappel

After spending the first 15 years of her life moving from country to country as an Air Force brat, Elizabeth settled into Northern Virginia; where she happily resides 16 years later with her two most hilarious and adorable little humans. After an intense and sometimes painful love affair with the bar industry; she decided to give up management for textbooks and returned to school full time. When she isn’t slinging drinks at your local bar or dreaming up new ideas for the tasting room, she is working towards her B.S. in Community Health at George Mason University.

Meet Chris

Brewing Technology Coordinator

Chris Baugh, PhD, DiplBrew

Chris Baugh was born and raised in California. Chris started homebrewing in undergraduate school while he was studying microbiology at UC San Diego. Chris got his bachelors in microbiology in 1991 and went to work at Scripps Research Institute in Torrey Pines. After a stint at TSRI, Chris went on to UC Santa Cruz where he earned his doctorate in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in 2000. Chris then spent 3 years working on assay development at Anadys Pharmaceuticals in San Diego. Realizing that the pharmaceutical industry was not really how he wanted to spend his career, Chris went back to school and earned his Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in 2007, studying at UC Davis. After beer school Chris went to work for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, first as a production brewer and then as a research analyst and research brewer. Chris parted ways with SNBCo in 2014 and came east to join the Beltway Brewing Company team as Lead Brewer in 2015.

Meet Matthew Cottrell

Quality Control Manager

Matthew Cottrell

In Matt's experience brewing has always been synonymous with exploration and discovery. His first brewing gig was head bottle washer for his home brewing dad who used those sessions as opportunities to teach grade school Matt some microbiology, enzymology, chemistry and even a little physics. That turned Matt onto science. After earning his B.A. in Biology from Columbia College, Matt earned a M.Sc. in Marine Environmental Science from Stony Brook University and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from University of Texas at Austin in 1995. A short-term Postdoctoral Research position at University of Delaware, College of Earth Ocean and Environment morphed into twenty years as a Research Scientist studying Microbial Oceanography. While at UD, Matt conducted oceanographic expeditions all over the world ocean exploring the roles of bacteria and bacterial diversity in carbon and energy cycling. In 2016 Matt concluded his academic research career and set off on a new adventure in professional brewing through study at the World Brewing Academy, Siebel Institute of Technology International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program in Chicago, IL. In November 2016, he completed practical brewing studies at Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. Matt joined the Beltway Team as Quality Control Manager in December 2016.

Meet Brian

Production Assistant – Warehouse

Brian McHugh

The last thing that I ever want to do is "just fit in" and be part of the norm. I consider myself a very unique and expressive individual. My interests, passions, and style are based off of things that I truly find interesting and with no influence of the majority. What I have come to find out in the brewing industry, is that there are many other individuals such as myself. I feel that at the end of the day, us beer folks are all artists and the beer would not be nearly as wonderful without all of our unique contributions. Outside of my occupation, my hobbies are music and film. I have played guitar for nine years, been in two metal bands, and have written my own material as well. My favorite band of all time is Pink Floyd. Like me, they were a group that also never conformed to the masses.

Meet Jason

Cellar Person

Jason Boland

Jason was born and raised in Northern Virginia. After graduating from Chantilly high school, Jason enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. His interest in craft beer grew and blossomed while he was stationed in southern California. After completing his five-year enlistment, Jason returned home to Northern Virginia. Like most craft beer lovers, he started home brewing; eventually working his way into the brewing industry through a couple smaller local breweries. Jason is now a member of the Beltway family, and is happy to continue learning and growing with the team here!

Meet Jason


Eric Peterson

Eric began developing his taste for beer the way many young adults do - by drinking whatever was cheap and available at the time. It wasn't until he moved to Philadelphia to attend culinary school that he developed an affinity for craft beer and the seemingly endless possibilities available throughout the city. After expressing ambitions to brew his own beer, Eric’s girlfriend came home one afternoon with a home-brew kit and pizza and told him to get to work. A native to Northern Virginia, he migrated back and began working in culinary and nutrition, however the draw to brew beer on a higher level was a constant thought in the back of his mind. In the following year, Eric would spend time volunteering and working part-time for a handful of local breweries, and ultimately signed on as a brewer with Beltway Brewing Co.

Meet Renee

Accounting Clerk

Renee Navarro

Renee was born only blocks away from the Capital Beltway, not far from the Gallows Pole in Northern Virginia. In her words, joining the Beltway Brewing team is like a living reflection from a dream. As a lifelong veteran of the restaurant industry, she had worked every aspect of FOH operations for nearly Ten Years before she shifted her focus to financial and cost-based initiatives; where she now puts all of her love into crunching numbers. Outside of work, Renee spends her days gazing along the open road with her husband and two kids. Whether it’s packing their bags for the Misty Mountains, taking their chances on a big jet plane or watching some Werthquakes fly out of Nats Park, they are perfectly content as long as there happens to be good beer and wine flowing when they get there! Oh, and music. She loves music.

Meet Aaron

Production Assistant

Aaron Adams

Born in Houston and raised in Ohio, Aaron moved to the DC area to turn a dream of working with beer into a reality. Drawn initially to the self-evident perks of employment in a beer factory, his curiosity, passion for learning, and commitment to continued quality have proven to be a more stable foundation on which to build a career. Aaron's primary interests within brewing are science- and process-focused, a nod to his former pursuits as an engineer and research assistant. When not working on the brewery's production floor, Aaron enjoys rock climbing, playing with other people's dogs, shortish walks on the beach, and promoting the benefits of primary fermentation with Brettanomyces.

Meet Eric Dolinger

Production Assistant

Eric Dolinger

Eric is a NoVa native who spent his formative years playing soccer and music in the area. After graduating high school, he carved out a niche for himself as a sought-after bassist with several local bands. It was a pursuit that brought him all over the Eastern US and into regular contact with live music's best friend: beer. Not satisfied with the offerings typical to bars in those days, Eric developed a penchant for seeking out fresh and exciting brews. A passion which dove-tailed quite nicely with the rise of the craft beer industry in the DMV. As his zeal for quality grew, he began home-brewing with a few of his friends and resolved to find a way to become a brewery professional. He spent the summer of 2016 traveling through Central America studying permaculture and wild fermentation.

Meet Brad Fazio

Tasting Room Supervisor

Brad Fazio

After being born in Maryland and raised in southern Pennsylvania, Brad went on to graduate from American University with a B.A. in Political Science. Needing work immediately after graduation, he 'fell into' a restaurant job as a host. Nearly three years later, Brad had worked his way up to Bar Manager but was ready for a change. Brad's interest in craft beer had been steadily increasing over the years, eventually leading to his completion of the Cicerone Certification Program. Currently a Certified Beer Server, he is hoping that his time at Beltway will help him gain the knowledge needed to pass the other exams. Outside of work, Brad enjoys rooting for Baltimore sports teams, cat sitting for his friends, and being a nerd.

Meet Sasha Kingry

Production Assistant

Sasha Kingry

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Sasha was brought up with a love for all things water and home brew. She began as a bottle washer like many and progressed to help with the mad science that is brewing. Her love for science blossomed and she moved to the DC area in pursuit of her chemistry degree at George Mason University. After years as a textile chemist, she decided it was time for a change and joined the Beltway team to transform her love of science and beer into a career.