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  • Beltway Brewing Company has a custom designed 30 BBL (barrel) brewhouse built by Diversified Metal Engineering (DME) in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The brewhouse is a four vessel steam system with separate mash tun, lauter tun, kettle, and whirlpool. The system and cellar are controlled via a touchscreen PLC that allows the brewers a great amount of control, visibility, and reliability.
  • Fermentation vessels and brite beer tanks are also from DME. All fermenters and brite beer tanks are monitored from the brewhouse control panel. Information on vessel temperatures throughout fermentation and cold conditioning is automatically stored and easily reviewable.
  • After fermentation and cold conditioning are complete, an Alfa Laval BREW80 centrifuge is used for beer separation. Centrifugal force separates the beer from residual yeast, proteins, hop particles, and specialty ingredients, producing a bright, clear beer without stripping the product of its intended flavor components. This method of centrifugal separation also ensures minimal oxygen pickup and increased yield. Different levels of clarity can be specified to suit the needs of different beer styles.
  • Additional filtration is offered via a Pall SUPRAdisc lenticular filter. When used in conjunction with the Alfa Laval BREW80, greater clarity and stability of the finished beer can be achieved.
  • A Hach Orbisphere 3100 is used in the cellar during beer transfers. The Orbisphere uses luminescent technology and optical sensing to measure the level of dissolved oxygen in beer. DO levels are also monitored in packaged beer.
  • An iDD “Squire Plus 2” is used for keg cleaning and filling. This unit not only cleans and sanitizes kegs, but it also uses fill-by-weight technology to maximize finished product yield.
  • For those clients interested in recipe development and consultation, Beltway has a SABCO Brew Magic pilot system for brewing small batches.
  • Beltway has a 5 BBL conical tank that is primarily used for yeast propagation, but it also serves as a conditioning tank for pilot batches and blending barrel-aged beers.

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